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Dublin Sports Fest, running as part of the European Week of Sport is taking place from Friday 23rd - 30th September 2022

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European Week of Sport

Dublin SportsFest 2023

23rd - 30th September

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What Is SportsFest?

Dublin City Sport & Wellness Partnership is bringing back Dublin SportsFest for 2023. Dublin SportsFest will take place from 23rd – 29th September coinciding with the European Week of Sport.  The purpose of Dublin SportsFest is to host a week-long celebration of sport and physical activity in our city and to enable and encourage people to participate regardless of age, ability or background.

There will be 60+ events and activities available which are mostly free of charge and the list will be eclectic to say the least. There is everything from football, swimming, kayaking, cycling, tennis and fitness classes to lesser known sports such as Pickelball.

We will also be linking in with pre-existing events and initiatives such as parkrun which DCSWP and DCC have supported since its inception.

Dublin SportsFest is a hugely powerful initiative to drive participation in within Dublin City.

How to get involved?

SportsFest is an event that caters for every citizen of Dublin and our goal is to get as many people taking part as possible!

For more information on all our Fantastic events taking place over the course of the week and how you can get involved, please follow the link to our website (dcswphub.ie)

If you would like to take part in any of the closed events or get involved with any of the DCSWP programs in the long term, simply contact your Local Sports Officer, who’s information can be found also on our website. https://www.dcswphub.ie/

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Dublin SportsFest 2023

Dublin Sportsfest, Dublin City Sport & Wellbeing Partnership’s flagship annual event celebrating sport and physical activity in our city took place from 23 – 30 September during European Week of Sport 2023.

A Look Back

Now in its sixth year, Sportfest is one of the most important events in the DCSWP calendar as it shines a light on the enormously positive impact Dublin City Council’s Sport & Recreation services has on our communities. The over-arching message of Dublin City Sport & Wellbeing Partnership is that sport is for everyone regardless of age, gender, background or ability and with over 60 activities on offer across the week in clubs, DCC sports & leisure facilities, outdoor places and spaces there really was something to inspire us all.

Events like Sportsfest are made possible by our participants and the testimonials we hear from Sportsfest 2023 show just how significant sport is in enriching and enhancing our lives and building healthy, happy and connected communities.  We also want to acknowledge our wonderful partners ,both internal and external, and thank them for the role they play, not just in major events like Sportsfest, but in the ongoing delivery of DCSWP programmes.


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The fundamental goal of Dublin City Sport and Wellbeing Partnership is to provide opportunities for everyone in our communities to partake in sport and physical activity regardless of age, ability or background, through our dedicated programmes, services and facilities.

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