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About Change For Life

For Change For Life 2021, DCSWP has adapted the way the programme is being delivered by launching it on the new Dublin City Sport & Wellbeing Partnership Virtual Hub where there is something for everyone in our communities. It takes great courage to change our lives and we will be there every step of the way to support and encourage you on your journey.

Aideen O’Connor
DCSWP Programmes & Service Manager
"The message of Change For Life is that we can remove the barriers we so often put up for ourselves once we set our mind to it and learn to thrive both physically and mentally"

Change For Life, DCSWP’s flagship new year initiative has been bringing communities across the city together since 2013 as they embark on an 8-week journey towards health and happiness. 

While the programme initially focused on underactive adults, it has broadened its reach over the years to include programmes aimed at children, teenagers and individuals from minority groups.

2020 saw a further expansion with the development of a Dublin City Council Change For Life programme aimed specifically at improving staff health and wellbeing. The growth of the programme over the years has been very important in terms of reinforcing DCSWP’s core goal, which is to encourage and support everyone in society to develop long-term healthy habits and live a more fulfilling life.

Change For Life is made possible every year thanks to Healthy Ireland and the many wonderful partnerships DCSWP has fostered with groups and organisations in our communities. However, the success of the programme would not be realised without the spirit of our brave participants. It takes courage to make changes in our lives and for many the programme has sparked life-long changes to their health & wellbeing. 

In very positive news Change For life will continue virtually in 2021. In the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, looking after our bodies and minds has taken on an even greater significance. Despite the enormous challenges posed by the pandemic, DCSWP is committed to reimagining and adapting programmes to continue to support our communities.

Avril FeeneyDCC Staff Change For Life 2020 participant
"Don’t overthink it because there will always be someone there at your level of fitness and you will get plenty of encouragement to help you achieve your fitness goal, whatever that may be for you."
Debbie Doyle
Change For Life 2020 participant
"I was never an exercise person, can't jump, can't run, no interest in exercising whatsoever. I couldn't get down on the ground, I couldn't do sit ups but each week it got that bit easier. In boxing I found out I had something I really loved doing. I was 47, overweight and wanted something for life, not just a fad diet. I learned about healthy eating and the right exercise; I found the right balance that suits me. I know it was CFL that did it all for me, it is for any age or shape so definitely give it a go."

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