change for life challenge

Balance / Co-ordination Challenge

Warm-Up to find your balance point off both feet.

If you can remain nice and steady, then closes your eyes to increase difficulty. 

After that, progress into ‘Leap & Stick’ Leg Hops. Start with both feet together (shoulder width apart), take a big leap forward using your arms to help generate some momentum and ‘stick’ the landing in a balanced position with bent knees and no re-adjustments.  

The final activity will add the element of a ball to help improve hand / eye coordination. Ideally with another person but against a wall would also be fine. Various balls of different shapes and weights would be excellent for your development. 

Find your balance point on one foot and start the activity. Increase the difficulty by catching high, low and side to side with lots of variety. If using a small ball like a tennis ball, try catch that with one hand. Maintain your balance throughout and if you fall, then start again and see what high score you can set yourself. 

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